Saturday, March 3, 2012

Corn maze navigation

I love mazes and have always wanted to navigate large maze. here in Pennsylvania there are beautiful mazes made each year on corn fields. Just imagine a full size large corn field and a maze cut in it. From what I understand, they do not really cut it, they just plant corn in a pattern, so it grows as a maze from the get go. Seems like it take a lot less work to do it that way, instead of cutting after corn grows to be twice as tall as human. This past fall my family and our friends went to one such maze. It was a blast! To make it easier they gave us a map. On the map they have set "treasure points" so you have to find all of them. It took us over an hour to navigate all the points. It was a great day and next time we go, I think we will try to do it without the map. We will be sure to take our flashlights in case we get stuck. Here is their site:

Here are few pictures, but you can see more in the Corn Maze slideshow:
 This is a real picture from the airplane - amazing, hah?

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