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I read mostly non-fiction books these days. On this page you will find my favorite podcasts and books. These are amazing!!!!!!!! Most of these books I have "read" in the audio version while running or driving (check out
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Radiolab- superb podcast about all things in life, scientifically oriented, but in layman terms. My favorite! For sure #1 podcast in the world! 99% of episodes are safe and useful for kids.

Freakonomics - outstanding podcast from authors of the Freakonomics book about the "hidden side of everything". High quality content.

Endurance Planet - inspirational podcast for endurance sports athletes - all about triathlon and marathon training and races. Half of the episodes are not kids safe. I skip most of the diet related episodes. and "NPR: TED radio hour" - this is a website that hosts videos with many smart and inspiring ideas from hundreds of scientists, researchers, leaders and other innovators. Very cool. This is also excellent podcast to listen together with kids.

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Sports Books

  • Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide by Hal Higdon - this is one of the best marathon coaches in the world and he has free training plans and published amazing book "MARATHON - The Ultimate Training Guide " (see his website for details). I used Hal's training plan for my marathon and it worked great.
  • "The Triathlete's Training Bible" - a must read book for any triathlete. I use it to build my training.
  • "The Runner's Body" - a very excellent book about training, running injuries and prevention, running form and overall body systems and how they work for runners. This book answered many questions I had as a beginning runner and made me train smarter. 
  • "Beyond training" - by Ben Greenfield. Covers training, recovery, nutrition, lifestyle, mental issues in great deal of detail on 470 pages in small font. Quite amazing that one author could cover all of this in one book. Lots of smart and practical advice for athletes.
  • "The Duel" by Hal Higdon - very cool story about the duel between Alberto Salazar and Dick Beardsley at the 1982 Boston Marathon. Absolutely and positively exciting reading.
  • "Once a Runner" - some people call this the best novel ever written about running and I tend to agree. I have not read them all :-), but this one is pretty darn good.
  • "I am here to win" by Chris McCormack, Ironman Champion 2010 - amazing story of his life, triathlon training, many Ironman championships and his two wins in Kona. Excellent reading. Audio version available.
  • "A Life Without Limits" by Crissie Wellington, 4 times Ironman World Champion.Totally loved the book.
  • "Iron War" - the story of the 1989 IronMan race between Mark Allen and Dave Scott. Very well written, however not entirely true to history as Mark and Dave have publicly stated their un-approval of the facts in this book. Nevertheless a great read.
  • "Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen" - the title says it all. This book has contributed to the barefoot running movement and is such a fun read. Audio version is available. It is very sad that Cbalo Blanka - the main guy in this novel has died in 2012 during one of his trail runs from heart failure... :-(
  • "It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life" by Lance Armstrong - inspiring story of his cancer recovery, world class bike racing, high human spirits and his superhuman riding ability. Audio version of the book is available. It is 2013 now and we all learned about the drug issues that Lance has finally confessed to, but I still like the book as it is a good read, even though the Lance himself is no longer a role model. Too bad...
  • "First: What It Takes to Win" by Rich Froning, multiple times CrossFit World Champion about his life and journey to the top of the podium in the hardest sport known to men. 
  • "Finding Ultra: Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World’s Fittest Men, and Discovering Myself" by Rich Roll. Even if only 1/3 of the stories in this book are real, this would still make for an amazing and inspirational read about endurance and human body.

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