Roman Kharkovski has over 27 years of experience in IT industry. Born and raised in Russia. In 1999 moved to Pittsburgh PA and lives there with his wife and three sons. Graduated from Moscow National Research Nuclear University MEPhI with MS in Computer Science. Since 2017 works at Google as Cloud Customer Engineer and helps companies move to Google Cloud Platform and enjoy Anthos, GKE, BigQuery, Cloud AI and other amazing cloud services provided by Google. Between 1999 and 2017 worked for IBM as WebSphere and Java pre-sales engineer with hundreds of Global 1000 companies. Prior to joining IBM developed distributed applications using TUXEDO and other runtimes, frameworks and programming languages.
  • Triathlon, trail running, mountain biking
  • Photography (portfolio)
  • DIY home renovation
  • Travel (35 countries, 27+ states in the US) - ok this is mostly for business, but it feels like a hobby