I have been lucky enough to be able to see the world. Handful of those trips were family vacation, but most of them were for business. On the image below I used Google maps to create a virtual map of the places I have visited and I counted about 36 countries and about 150 cities. Some photos can be found on my Photography page.

Lets just say that I accrued (and spent) several million frequent flyer miles over the past 24 years being in US, not to mention my travel when I lived in Russia. In fact, once it took me 9 hours to fly from Moscow to Khabarovsk - and all that time I was above Russian land territory.

I also love local foods. It is great to taste something unusual. For example, having been to India three times, I fell in love with Indian food. Something I completely ignored until recently. I also love Turkish food, French, German, Thai. But nothing tastes as good as Russian cuisine, which is a blend of many sub-cultures that collectively made up former USSR.

Here is a snapshot of the travel map - this image is static and is current as of March 2013.

I added links to photo albums to many of the visited places. Once you open the map above, see list of locations to your left and click on the location of interest, then click on the URL to view photos I took during that trip.

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