Saturday, June 16, 2018

New job with Google

Ok, I have changed job more than a year ago, so it is not exactly a new job anymore. I have not posted anything on this blog since I left IBM and joined Google in Pittsburgh as Customer Engineer in March 2017. Starting a new job takes a lot of time and the last time I did that was 19 years ago when I joined IBM. This past year and a half with Google have been amazing. I have met many new people and learned a lot of  cool things. If I could go back in time and change anything - I would tell myself to join Google much sooner :-).

View of New York City from the Google office (Noogler training class)
Here are few updates for the period that I missed on this blog.

Most important and saddest event is that my very good friend Yevgeniy Mikhaylyuta had died of cancer. RIP Zhenya... We all love you and will remember forever. You were very special to so many people. There are many ways you contributed to my life, including starting my triathlon passion, overall view on life and science among many other things. Every one of my long runs on weekends are dedicated to you from now on.

Yevgeniy and his wonderful family (I am Santa)
My oldest son Misha graduated high school with honors diploma and went to college to study for graphics designer.

North Allegheny High School class of 2017

Misha became certified Cross Fit Coach and wants to open his own gym. He is 19 now and a couple of months ago took 3rd place in Pittsburgh Cross Fit competition in the open category. To say I was impressed is to say  nothing.
Misha is coaching a CrossFit class
We did many fun trips as a family, including Las Vegas, Dominican, DC, NYC, found new cool places around Pittsburgh, such as this farm.

Horse riding in Pittsburgh

Among other things - I still train every day of the week, but not race as often. In late 2017 did Tough Mudder 10 miles race - that was a ton of fun. Also did Cook forest 65 miler bike ride with Google team.
After finishing Tough Mudder 10 miler
Completed Memorial Day Murph Challenge in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Big THANK YOU to our heroes.
LT. Michael P. Murph
Going forward will try to keep this blog a bit more up to date.