Monday, March 19, 2012

4 days long spring in Pittsburgh

In my house the winter starts when I change tires from summer to winter tires. The spring starts when I change back to summer tires. As of last night - the spring is officially here (as are my summer tires).

Winter 2011-2012 in Pittsburgh was warm and I only got to ski twice - once on my cross country skis on the golf course that is next to my backyard and once with kids in Nemacolin resort on downhill skis. Having such unusually warm winter with so little snow, it was even stranger to go from that winter to summer in 4 days. We had frost and 30F cold in early March, and then 4 days later it was sunny with 65F and stays this way for over a week now. How about a 4 day spring? (I hope I don't make some folks in Seattle jealous of this :-).

Yesterday it was 72F and I went for a 9.2 miles run in North Park - almost none of the trees have leaves yet, but you can smell and feel the spring. I took some pictures with the iPhone while running:

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