Sunday, April 3, 2016

Adventure Warrior 5K family race

Yesterday Edward, his friend and I did a 5K Adventure Warrior Race at Camp Soles YMCA. This was a second year we did this race and all of us loved it just as much as the last year. This is not a timed race, so everyone can do it at his own pace, but the weather, the course, the obstacles and volunteers were wonderful and atmosphere very energetic.

The course took us thru sand, bridges, woods, hills, ropes, tires (both climbing and carrying), lake water (very cold, but we  only had to walk thru it for about 20 yards - kids loved this part more than anything else). At the end we went on a slippery slide, which was about 30 yards long and covered with soapy water. This was a lot of fun. I was afraid my camera will get all wet and did not take it with me - need to bring my GoPro in a water proof case next time. Kids and I can't wait to do it next year.

Orientation before the start of the race.

After the finish - you can see slipping slide, lake and part of the trail in the background.

Driving 90 minutes back to Pittsburgh.

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