Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Braggart goose tale - a lesson for triathletes


(Uzbek tale)
- Here I am, - was bragging the goose, - I can fly in the sky, and can swim in the water, and can walk on land.
- So you can fly in the sky. But can you fly like an eagle? - he was asked.
- No, I can not fly like an eagle.
- So you can swim, but can you swim like a fish?
- No, I can't swim like a fish.
- Can you run on land like a horse?
- No, I can't run like a horse.
- Well goose, - he was told, - why are you bragging then?

LESSON for Triathletes

Do not brag too much if you can't swim like Phelps, bike like Lance (sorry...) or run like Bolt. :-)))

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