Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Trip to Bratislava, Prague, Budapest and Moscow

The past two weeks were really exciting! It was planned weeks in advance and I could not wait to start this sequence of "roller coaster" events taking me from one place to another in a crazy fast pace.

It all started on Saturday, September 7, when I drove to Sandusky, Ohio for the Cedar Point Half Ironman race. The race itself took place on September 8th (race report to follow later). After the race on Sunday, I quickly took shower and barely had time to drive to Cleveland airport to board flight to Vienna, Austria. I knew I wont break 4 hours at this race, so I had no time to return to Pittsburgh in time for departure. On Monday, from Vienna I took a taxi to Bratislava, Slovakia. Worked there on Tuesday - meeting IBM customers and partners, and had 2 hours to walk around the historical center of the city. This was my second time in Bratislava and I enjoyed it as much as the first time. The city center is small, but very pretty as you can see on these pictures (click on the image to open Picasa album):

On Tuesday after having worked all day in Bratislava drove for 4 hours to Prague (on 2 weeks old BMW X6 car owned by Martin - the local IBM sales rep). In Prague I worked on Wednesday running education session for IBMers and met one large IBM customer in the afternoon. Then on Wednesday evening flew to Budapest, Hungary and hosted education session for IBM business partners on Friday morning. I had 6 hours before my next flight from Budapest to Moscow. My new friend Balint, who is IBMer in Budapest gave an amazing tour of the city. Looking at these pictures I am sure you would agree that Budapest is totally awesome!

After that tour of the city, on Friday night I flew to Moscow and worked part of the week in the IBM office in the beautiful downtown while spent weekends with my parents. On Saturday we had 14 relatives who came to visit us. Some of these folks I have not seen for 18 years!!! Here are few photos from the mushroom hunt in Russia:

Came back to Pittsburgh this Monday and now back to work. Ohh well...

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