Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trip to Raleigh, NC

All of last week I have spent in Research Triangle Park in North Carolina at the IBM lab. This was my 10th time to RTP lab. I love RTP - such a great place to live (almost as good as Pittsburgh :-). Back in 2005 I have spent 6 weeks there writing IBM redbook. At that time I took my mountain bike with me and was able to visit many local mt bike trails.

We had a great group of people who came from all over the world  - USA, Germany, Belgium, India, Italy, Egypt. We had a pleasure of working with IBM Distinguished Engineers and architects on the IBM Expert Integrated Systems - to be announced with a big bang on April 11. I wish I could tell you more about this, but I can't :-). This is very very exciting. While in Raleigh, I was recorded on video - here it is:

One of the best moments of last week was a soccer game between all the "visitors" and "hosts" - where we won 9 to 3 :-). To be fair "hosts" gave us their best guy, who used to play soccer semi-professionally. He did not try too hard, or else the score would have been 100:3. Still after 2 hours of this game I had sore muscles for the next 2 days. I guess soccer makes you use different groups of muscles and in a different way (anaerobic) and my triathlon training made me survive the game well, but did not help with the next two days - I had to use my hands to lift feet in and out of the car :-)).

One thing I did not like was that the Fairfield hotel gym did not have bike trainers, so I went entire week with no bike mileage. Only running in the neighborhood and swimming at the local YMCA (25 min drive). Next time I stay somewhere for a week or more I will call hotel in advance to check if their gym has bikes or not.

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