Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sprint Triathlon in North Park, Pittsburgh (Janney and YMCA - 2014)

On August 10, 2014 I raced Sprint Triathlon in North Park. This is only few minutes from my home and back in 2011 this was my first ever triathlon race (photos here). In 2013 I took first place in my age group (race report), so in this race I was defending my title sort of speak.

This year I won again in my 40-44 age group (19 participants) and went faster than the all competitors from age group 0 to 44, except for the overall competitors. I was 9th overall out of 233 competitors. The official results can be found here:
Here is the comparison of 2014 results to 2013 and 2011 races:

2011 2013 2014
Swim (700 yards)   00:18:21 00:13:48 00:14:29
Bike (12.5 miles) 00:33:17 00:32:59 00:32:46
Run (3.1 miles) 00:23:04 00:21:42 00:22:01
Total 01:14:42
01:08:29 01:09:16

I am happy with the result, however swim and run are slower compared to 2013 - not really sure why is that so. I sure hope this is because conditions were different and not because I got slower :-).

As always - major thing that needs improvement is the control of pre-race anxiety. I could not get any sleep the night before the race. I may have slept for about 30 minutes total - same as last year...

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