Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Training and racing summary for 2012

Happy New Year 2013 folks! What a wonderful and productive year it was. looking back, I feel like it was one of the best years of my life - in many respects it was. Especially in terms of fitness and racing. In 2012 I did two Sprint and two Olympic distance races (won overall in Sprint and Won in my age group in Olympic) - the results are listed on the RACING page of this blog. I also did MS150 ride. In 2013 plan on doing two Sprints, two Olympic and two Half Ironman distances.
This year 95% of all of my biking I did on the indoor trainer - on my recumbent Schwinn 230i bike (circa 2001) - I will post a picture of it someday. I did some 95% of running outdoors and about 85% of that on trails and off pavement. My height is 172 cm (5'7'') and weight this year was between 69 to 75 kg (152 to 165 lbs). I had no injuries this year, except for a bit of light pain and "sensations" in the right foot and knee - especially after races. Nutritionally I think I did well and made fruit and berry smoothies on my Vitamix blender several times a week. I must admit that this Vitamix is the most important "fitness" equipment I own :-).

Some additional stats for the season (Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2012):
  • total training + racing time - 541 hours
  • total bike - 6,259 miles (adjusted 10% down from trainer miles)
  • total run - 822 miles
  • total swim - 117 miles
  • crosstrain - 65 hours
  • longest swim - 3,100 yards (2 min per 100 yards average pace)
  • longest run - 13.6 miles
  • longest bike - 101.85 miles (MS150 ride)
  • longest training bike ride - 2 hr 20 min (on trainer ~45 miles)
  • Power for the 1 - 2 hours training rides was 120 to 210 Watts (on trainer)
  • best 100 yard swim - 1 min 30 sec
  • best 50 yard swim - 40 sec
  • best 500 yard swim - 9 min 10 sec
  • best run pace at Sprint tri - 6:27 min per mile  (5K in 19m 20 sec)
  • crosstraining - I usually do it in the morning before work and it takes ~25 min. I do use stability ball for abs, back, pushups and separately do pull-ups and dynamic side planks
Since most of my cycling is done on the trainer indoors, almost all of it is long steady ride with no intervals - after initial warmup of about 15 min, building up power to the steady level of 150 to 200 Watts and maintain it for the period of the ride (usually 90 min to 2 hrs), then cool down for 10 min at the end.

In  2012 I generally followed the following schedule of training and kept my log in the TrainingPeaks.com:
  • Monday
    Recovery day or light bike
  • Tuesday
    Crosstraining + bike + swim (3,000 yards, half drills and half normal swim)
  • Wednesday
    Crosstraining + bike + run (hill repeats in the second half of the year, 4-7 miles total)
  • Thursday
    Crosstraining + bike + swim (same as above)
  • Friday
    Crosstraining + bike + run (usually 400 or 800 yard intervals in the second half of the year, 4-7 miles total)
  • Saturday
    Swim (same as above)
  • Sunday
    Long run (on the trail in North Park, easy to moderate pace, 7-13 miles total)

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