Friday, November 9, 2012

Uzbek Plov (rice dish)

Last time I cooked anything of significance was 15+ years ago, before I got married and still lived in the university's dormitory in Moscow, Russia. My wife is a great cook and nowadays I do not cook anything in the kitchen, except for the tea, coffee and salads.

However this summer a friend of mine inspired me to learn how to cook a super delicious meal called "Plov", which is a traditional dish in Uzbekistan (this friend of mine was born and raised there and moved to US few years ago).

I watched him cook it few times over the past year and finally decided to take a master's lesson. With my iPhone I took a picture of every single step while he was preparing the dish and when I was making the dish myself I literally held iPhone with those pictures in one hand and was cooking with another.

Now here is a complete list of photos I took while watching the Master cooking the Plov (click on the image below to see the slideshow) - below each photo you will see my comments:

In August my little sister got married and I volunteered to cook Plov for all the guests for the day two of the wedding. I did my first ever Plov cooking as a "dry run" one week before and the dish turned out pretty well, so that one week later during the wedding I was pretty sure that guests wont be hungry. It turned out pretty good this second time as well and I even brought back the Kazan back to Pittsburgh so I can cook Plov here in US.

I wont publish the exact recipe here, but you can get a number of very good ones if you simply google for "uzbek plov recipe". Make sure to look at both - the text search results and google images for this search! Just do not salivate to death while looking :-).

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