Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wall removal project

In spring 2011 we have decided to remove the wall between our guest room and the dining room, as well as remove carpet in the guest room. We wanted to do this pretty much since we bought this house 11 years ago and only now have finished more urgent renovation projects inside and outside and got the time for this one. Since this made a complete mess inside of the house for 4 weeks, Svetlana and kids took "vacation" and went to visit grand parents for almost four weeks while I took my vacation and took this endurance project. This was a lot of fun and. I removed the non-load bearing wall, added lights in the ceiling, removed carpet, refinished hardwood floor that was under the carpet, repainted walls, added new baseboards, crown molding and did few other things along the way. The space looks so much bigger now without the walls and we love it.

I have posted detailed documentary of the project in my Picasa Albums: photos :-)



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